Different stages of life require different financial strategies

Whether you are a young professional, a business owner, buying a house solo or with your partner, a farmer or just starting to think about retirement, planning for your financial future is paramount.

Working with the team at Step Up Financial Solutions will provide you with the best financial advice for your relevant stage of life. We work with you to create a specific financial plan, taking into account your circumstances, current and future goals and financial situation.

You might be wondering how to keep the family farm, and still put food on the table. You may be at pre retirement age and planning your future lifestyle. You may be at retirement age and need advice on how to best manage your assets, investments and lifestyle needs. Our team at Step Up Financial Solutions can guide you through the confusion to tailor a clear strategy and plan to put you in the strongest possible financial position possible. Your financial plan is a ‘living document’. Over the years we continue to work with you to adjust it as you, your needs and your life goals change.

If you’ve been contemplating your financial future, take the step now and talk to us today.

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Planning for Aged Care

Whilst we may not give a lot a thought to “aged care” when we are younger, the chances are that at some stage in our years of retirement we will require care and support. Aged care assistance can be expensive, and just like planning your finances for family life, as we age we need to plan for aged care support, whether that be in a retirement village, aged care facility or community care.

As professional financial advisers we can make the process of planning for aged care that much easier. We take into consideration the following when setting up your financial future:

  • the level of care you would like or may need
  • the cost of the car
  • any Centrelink implications
  • taxation outcomes
  • any Estate Planning implications.

Planning ahead means you don’t have to be worried about the prospect of entering aged care. We specialise in helping you manage all stages of your financial “life” plan and adapt it as you go through each stage.

We’re financial advisers and that’s what we do!

Our Mission Is to Build the Foundation of a Secure Future

Protecting you, your family and what’s important to you is done via the right insurance for your stage of life. Income Protection Insurance protects what you have now and also looks towards what you may need as the stages of your life change.

Talk to us, Step Up Financial Solutions Wodonga to make sure you have your lifestyle covered, now and in the future.

Specialist Financial Advice

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Organising Your Finances

We’ll identify your money weaknesses, implement winning strategies and develop your personal game plan – plus we hold you accountable, just like a professional sports coach.

Financial Advice

At Step Up Financial Solutions, whether you are an individual, family, business owner or retiree, we are committed to helping you on your way to financial success.

Investment Advice

Investing in your financial future is one of the most important decisions you will make at any stage of life. Whether you are an individual, family, business owner or retiree, we are committed to helping you on your way to financial success.